Food allergy facts

Food allergy facts

Here are some key facts about food allergy:

Allergen Control
Target Group
Allergen Control.
1 Day
All Food Hygiene#
  • Introduction to allergens
  • What is an allergen?
  • Which foods contain allergens?
  • Symptoms and severity of allergic reactions
  • Consequence to a business of contamination of product with allergenic material.
  • Conducting a Risk Assessment
  • Group discussion about possible routes of contamination at the various steps of the process
  • Controlling the hazard

Staff in any businesses where allergens are an issue.

Our Auditing Courses at a Glance

Our auditing courses will equip you with the skills required to carry out internal, supplier and third party audits. The Auditing Skills course covers all the theory behind carrying out an audit, from the opening meeting through to reporting and corrective action. It is also very interactive, allowing time for plenty of group exercises and industry case studies.

Target Group
Introduction to Auditing #
1 Day

This auditing course will equip candidates with an introduction to the skills required to carry out internal, supplier and third party audits

Introduction to Internal Auditing

All employees preparing to start auditing.

Internal Auditing
(BRC Standard) #
2 Days

This two-day course allows delegates to gain an in-depth and practical understanding of the BRC Global Food Standards. It includes how to implement, audit and report on a BRC system.

The course covers:
  • Overview of BRC
  • Summary of the standard
  • The principles and need for internal auditing
  • Review of principles of HACCP
  • Control systems and measures
  • Skills of an auditor
  • Internal Auditing techniques
  • Question technique, coaching and feedback skills
  • Monitoring corrective action
  • Internal auditing (group exercise)
  • Internal auditing procedures in each section
  • Writing of reports
  • Action plans

Internal Auditor Training

Quality Managers, Consultants, Audit Managers and anyone who needs to prepare their organisation for certification for BRC.

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